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CONTACT OUR TEAM TODAY Substance Abuse Treatment & Support Services Logo Greater Essex Counseling is proud of our holistic integrated
approach to behavioral health. We believe that recovery
is more than overcoming the addiction. Physical, Mental,
& Emotional Equilibrium are achieved when life habits
are healthy habits
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Immigration Services GET MORE INFORMATION Do you require a medical exam by a Civil Surgeon? We provide USCIC compliant physicals and associated medical services.

Greater Essex Programming

Substance Abuse

Patients attend either for up to 8 hours per week (OP), or up to 15 hours per week (IOP) for substance abuse treatment services. Patients enrolled in our program attend group counseling sessions, weekly individual sessions and are monitored during collection of random urine samples for laboratory testing. Patients attending these services may also have the opportunity to attend 1 or more of the 2 Anger Management sessions run during the week.

Anger Management

Individuals mandated to attend services related to Anger Management by a court or other legal entity can enroll in treatment with GECS and complete our program to satisfy the State of New Jersey mandate. The conditions of the State mandate that patients must attend group sessions once per week for 12 consecutive weeks. GECS must abide by these required conditions and cannot ignore unexcused or repeated absences from the Anger Management program.

Immigration Services

Are you seeking residence or citizenship status? Do you require a medical exam by a Civil Surgeon? We provide USCIC compliant physicals and associated medical services. You will need to: bring payment in the form of cash, cashier’s check, major credit card, or money order. Make an initial appointment for intake and bloodwork. Make a second appointment for results and a physical exam. Call Today To Make An Appointment 973-623-7878.

Greater Essex Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab & Counseling in Newark, NJ

Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program requires each client’s involvement as we prepare the initial assessment. Together, the counselor and the client develop goals and objectives that will be the basis for an individual treatment plan. Behavioral and social modalities are structured to address problems identified through this process.

Our program offers ongoing support to those who wish to participate in aftercare upon completion of the program.

Meet The Greater Essex Team

Mr. Robert Jenkins

Mr. Robert Jenkins

Clinical Director, Robert Jenkins states ”Life is unpredictable. At any time we may become the victims of crime, disaster, illness, or addiction. Frequently the changes we inevitably face in life result in anxiety, depression, anger or stress. As many of these problems occur within the context of relationships, in therapy I focus on the influence of past relationships, events and environments as well as on current beliefs, relationships and feelings to encourage growth, positive behavioral change, happiness and meaning in one’s life.”

Nicole Guarducci

Nicole Guarducci

As Administrative Director, Ms. Nicole Guarducci provides supervision of all front end administrative staff. She is responsible for all patient referrals, intake scheduling and coordination of treatment with referral sources and other GECS staff.

Keith Williams

Keith Williams

Mr. Keith Williams is a CADC and helps supervise CADC interns. He maintains a full caseload of patients providing individual counseling sessions, treatment planning and the ability to maintain contact with referral sources and write monthly reports.

David Alabi

David Alabi

David Alabi, DNP provides psychiatric evaluations and medication monitoring services to our patients. Patients are assessed in a specialized session and a report is prepared detailing any appropriate mental health diagnoses and treatment recommendations, including prescription medications. Patients prescribed medication as a result of a psychiatric evaluation at GECS will be scheduled to return for brief sessions to ensure consistent and appropriate use of therapeutic drugs.

The World Looks Different When You Feel Better

The abuse of drugs and/or alcohol creates feelings of failure, destroys relationships, ruins financial standing and moves you to a place where things that once made life pleasurable are obscured by addiction.

The help you need to change your world is as close as the heart of New Jersey’s largest city.

Our staff members have the credentials and experience necessary to help you move to a new state of sobriety. We will help you develop the skills you need to stay there. A workable treatment plan will be developed to address identified problems.

All staff members will work on your behalf at regular case management sessions. A counselor will meet with you privately on a regular basis and you will be asked to make an anonymous and honest evaluation of the care that you receive. Your concerns will be addressed in a respectful and confidential manner.

Greater Essex Counseling Services

OP/IOP & Psychiatric Evaluations

Patients with legal or other requirements to complete a needs assessment for outpatient substance abuse treatment can be referred to GECS for an OP/IOP evaluation.

Monitored Drugs Screens

Independent of ongoing treatment for substance abuse or anger management, GECS provides one time and recurring random monitored urine drug screens.

Supervised Educational Hours

Individuals obligated or encouraged by their employers, especially in the fields of nursing, primary or secondary education, and professional drivers under the authority of the NJ.

Medication Monitoring

Patients prescribed medication as a result of psychiatric evaluation at GECS will be scheduled to return for brief sessions under the supervision of our Medical Director.

You Are Better Than Your Addiction.

Physical, Mental, & Emotional Equilibrium are achieved when life habits are healthy habits.

Remember…stress, anger, family intolerance of addictive behavior, housing, credit and legal problems, are only a few of the issues that might convince you that it is time to seek help.

Referrals are made when the individual needs specialized assistance that cannot be provided by our staff members. Referrals are only made to well-qualified providers after careful consideration and discussion with the client.

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our program. Clients determine, in writing, what, if any, information they will allow us to provide to anyone outside our program. We require the names and addresses of individuals to whom information may be provided. Consents may be withdrawn at any time.

Greater Essex Takes Pride In Helping Our Community Flourish

Community outreach is an important part of Greater Essex Counseling Services. Since 2009, we have been a part of the community working hard to build relationships, that are strong and long-lasting, with our resource partners as well as members of the community. Over these years, we have provided services out of our downtown Newark office with a focus on Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Counseling (OP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP) services, and Anger Management group sessions. In that time, we have done everything we could to bring each patient to a happier, healthier and more whole life.

GECS attends many community events throughout the year, which provides us with an opportunity to share our knowledge and offer assistance. Our physical presence directly on the community’s streets is important to us, as it reduces the barrier between contact with our community.

    “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”
    – C.S. Lewis