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Greater Essex Counseling Services, LLC provides patient oriented programming Mondays through Saturdays in our downtown Newark office. GECS offers two treatment program tracks: Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Counseling (OP), as well as Intensive Outpatient (IOP) services; and Anger Management group sessions which satisfy the New Jersey State Mandate. The Greater Essex staff are dedicated to providing family oriented treatment while maintaining a superior standard of care. Our goal is to help each patient become happy, healthy and whole in all aspects of life.

Outside of the main program tracks, GECS also offers pre-employment and random monitored drug screens on a walk-in basis, OPDC and Psychiatric evaluations, medication monitoring and coordinated referrals for MAT services, and certified supervised educational hours related to drugs & alcohol. Couples and family counseling sessions are also available on an as needed basis.

In order to maintain the healthy atmosphere that we have created for all of our patients, Greater Essex maintains a zero tolerance policy toward illicit substance use, including alcohol.

If you or a loved one are suffering from substance abuse addiction GECS can help. We are located in the heart of Downtown Newark.

Please contact us today for information on how GECS can help you.

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Greater Essex Counseling Programs

Substance Abuse: OPDC and IOP

Patients enrolled in our program attend either up to 8 (OPDC) or 18 (IOP) hours a week for group counseling sessions, weekly individual sessions, and undergo monitored drug screenings.

Anger Management

GECS offers treatment to individuals who are mandated to attend Anger Management services by a court or other legal entity.

Monitored Drugs Screens

Independent of ongoing treatment for substance abuse or anger management, GECS provides one time and recurring random monitored urine drug screens.

OPDC and Psychiatric Evaluations

Patients with legal or other requirements to complete a needs assessment for outpatient substance abuse treatment can be referred to GECS for an OPDC evaluation.

Medication Monitoring and Coordinated MAT Referrals

Patients prescribed medication as a result of psychiatric evaluation at GECS will be scheduled to return for brief sessions under the supervision of our Medical Director.

Supervised Educational Hours

Individuals obligated or encouraged by their employers to complete a specific number of educational hours pertaining to drugs & alcohol may enroll at GECS under the supervision of our clinical staff.

General and Specialized Counseling

To inquire about general counseling or for information about the current availability of our specialized sessions, please call and ask to speak with our administrative staff.

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