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We will respect our patients’ confidentiality to ensure a trusting, caring environment. We will maintain clinical integrity as an organization through flexibility, adaptability, efficiency and patient feedback. We will meet the challenge of healthcare today by being flexible and an integral part of our community. Our activities will be patient focused with input from the community in which we serve.

We will continue to evaluate and re-evaluate our programs through quality assurance. We will continue to train our staff in all facets of client care. We will seek to recruit and maintain a culturally diverse staff that will respect and appreciate the difference in their colleagues and the population we serve.

We will maintain a physical environment that is compatible with the clinical and human needs of both clients and staff. We will provide for the care and treatment of clients in all states of care and offer services which embrace harm reduction techniques for the clients that will continue to struggle with addiction.

Mission Statement

The mission of Greater Essex Counseling Services is to provide professional, comprehensive care to those who suffer from substance abuse or addiction as well as patients in need of co-occurring services. We strive to create and maintain an environment that is warm and welcoming, values diversity and difference, and provides a feeling of safety while promoting growth and development in the hope of helping our patients come to appreciate the uniqueness of their personalities and discover new ways to reach their potential. We provide a range of services that include assessment, counseling, consultation, outreach, crisis intervention, psychiatric evaluations, medication monitoring, employee assistance counseling, information and referral services, and urine drug screening services.

We aspire to be highly visible to the community in our office located in the heart of Downtown Newark. We believe we play an important role in helping to create a community climate that fosters emotional, psychological, intellectual, and interpersonal growth.

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