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OP/IOP and Psychiatric Evaluations

GECS offers OP/IOP evaluations for patients with legal or other requirements that need to complete a assessment for outpatient substance abuse treatment. The evaluation process is done in two scheduled appointments. In the first appointment, intake paperwork is completed and a monitored UDS is done for laboratory testing. The second appointment is when patients participate in a comprehensive needs evaluation and another monitored UDS for laboratory testing.

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Monitored Drugs Screens

GECS provides one time and recurring random monitored drug screens at the request of DCP&P caseworkers and for private patients. That is independent from ongoing treatment for anger management or substance abuse. Monitored UDS services can be arranged for employers as part of the hiring process as a one time or recurring basis.

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Supervised Educational Hours

GECS offers supervised education hours, under the supervision of our clinical staff, for individuals obligated or encouraged by their employers, to complete a specific number of educational hours pertaining to drugs & alcohol. Notable fields that need the supervised hours include: nursing, education, and professional drivers under the NJ Department of Transportation.

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Medication Monitoring and Coordinated MAT Referrals

Under the supervision of GECS’s Medical Director, patients that are prescribed medication from an psychiatric evaluation will be scheduled to return for brief sessions to ensure consistent and proper use of therapeutic drugs. At our facility, medication that is prescribed by an outside psychiatrist or doctor is not eligible for medication monitoring services.

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We provide USCIC compliant physicals and associated medical services. You will need to: bring payment in the form of cash, cashier’s check, major credit card, or money order. Make an initial appointment for intake and bloodwork. Make a second appointment for results and a physical exam.

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Medication Assisted Treatment

We provide substance use disorder treatment. Many of our patients come to us with addictions to alcohol, opiates, amphetamines, MDMA, PCP, Adderall, cocaine, benzodiazepines, Suboxone, barbiturates and marijuana. Problems that accompany substance use disorders such as stress, anger, credit, housing, and legal problems are only a few of the issues that might convince you that it is time to seek help. Take the first step to feel better, live better and work better.

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Mental Health Treatment

You deserve the best support when it comes to your mental health. At Greater Essex Counseling Services, you will work with a qualified mental health counselor in Essex and Newark, NJ, who gives you the treatments required to improve your mental state. Mental health treatment is a highly personal thing, and our team of mental health therapists is ready to give you the personalized attention and help you need to get into a better state of mind.

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More About Us

Here at Greater Essex, we provide patient-oriented programming Mondays through Saturdays. We aspire to be highly visible to the community in our office located in the heart of Downtown Newark, as we believe we play an important role in helping to create a climate that fosters emotional, psychological, intellectual, and interpersonal growth. The Greater Essex staff are dedicated to providing family-oriented treatment while maintaining a superior standard of care. Our goal is to help each patient become happy, healthy, and whole in all aspects of life.

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