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Patients with legal or other requirements to complete a needs assessment for outpatient substance abuse treatment can be referred to GECS for an OP/IOP evaluation. Generally, the evaluation process includes two scheduled appointments: a first appointment to complete intake paperwork and a monitored UDS for laboratory testing; and a follow up appointment during which patients participate in a comprehensive needs evaluation and a second monitored UDS for laboratory testing.

Based on the results of both drug screens and on the severity of any present issues identified during the interview evaluation, the patient’s overall need for services is then determined. Patients completing an OP/IOP evaluation for whom ongoing services are necessary may be recommended for any level of care that is appropriate, even if that level of care is not offered by GECS. A letter stating the results of the evaluation, and copies of the laboratory results, will be provided to relevant State, legal, or private entities.

Patients referred for psychiatric evaluation must first be scheduled for intake and will then return to GECS to be assessed in a specialized session under the supervision of our Medical Director. A report detailing any appropriate mental health diagnoses and treatment recommendations, including prescription medications, will be provided to relevant State, legal, or private entities. For more information, or to schedule an evaluation outside of our current contracts, please call and ask to speak with our administrative staff.