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Greater Essex Counseling Services prides itself on community outreach. We have been a part of the community since 2009 working hard to build strong long-lasting relationships with our resource partners as well as members of the community in need of assistance. Over these years, we have provided services out of our downtown Newark office with a focus on Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Counseling (OP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP) services, and Anger Management group sessions. In that time, we have done everything we could to bring each patient to a happier, healthier and more whole life.

Our goal is to help educate the community, provide resources, information and professional clinical guidance to create a safe and healthy environment for our patients and the community-at-large. GECS attends many community events throughout the year, such as the Greater Essex Annual Community Resource Day, which provides us with an opportunity to share our knowledge and offer assistance. Our physical presence directly on the community’s streets is important to us, as it reduces the barrier between contact with our community.

GECS does not just conduct outreach or provide services in the traditional sense, either. We provide pre-employment and random monitored drug screens on a walk-in basis, no appointment needed. We have provided certified supervised educational hours related to drug and alcohol as a way to give back. Additionally, being a country founded upon hard-working immigrants, we pride ourselves in providing immigration assistance for those seeking residency, citizenship or even an exam by a civil surgeon. Lastly, we do our best to provide a supportive social media presence on websites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to show that we are never out of arm’s reach.

Why Is The Community So Important To Greater Essex?

One of our goals here at Greater Essex is build relationships within our community and present opportunities to uplift and lend a helping hand where and when we can. Offering support to the community through our events is something we take pride in. If you are interested in helping us with our community outreach mission, we invite you to participate in the Greater Essex Annual Community Resource Day or if you are interested in having Greater Essex attend your event, please let us know and we would be happy to assist you.

We Give Back To Our Community

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Watch Our 3rd Annual Greater Essex Community Resource Event Highlights Video

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