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Individuals mandated to attend services related to Anger Management by a court or other legal entity can enroll in treatment with GECS and complete our program to satisfy the State of New Jersey mandate. The conditions of the State mandate are as follows:

  • Patients attend group sessions once per week for twelve (12) consecutive weeks;
  • Patients pay $45 per session for a total of $540.

GECS must abide by these required conditions and cannot ignore unexcused or repeated absences from the Anger Management program; nor can we forgive or otherwise ignore the financial aspect of the mandate. Patients must pay at time of service each week; GECS accepts cash, personal checks, and debit/credit cards. A counselor is assigned to oversee each patient’s progress through the Anger Management program, and enrolled patients may speak with their counselor as needed, however only designated group sessions fulfill the State of New Jersey mandate related to Anger Management.

Patients on Parole who are mandated to complete Anger Management services can be required to submit monitored UDS samples at no additional out-of-pocket cost for the patient. This is done as a courtesy to our contacts at State Parole. Patients are still responsible for the cost of their sessions in accordance with the mandate conditions outlined above.

Patients participating in Drug Court, on Probation, or with other justice system requirements mandated to complete Anger Management services can also be required to submit monitored UDS samples; however these patients will be held responsible for the cost of their laboratory tests (currently $40) or instant tests (currently $20). Payment for additional services is also due at time of service.

GECS is not able to provide patients with any documents verifying enrollment or attendance in the Anger Management program. We will verify enrollment and progress to relevant State, legal, and private entities as allowed by law. Patients must sign witnessed information releases in our office designating to whom we are authorized to speak and we will then provide verification by phone, email, or fax.

Upon program completion, meaning both mandate conditions outlined above have been met, GECS will provide a letter of completion to the patient and will forward a copy of that letter to relevant State, legal, and private entities.

Individuals seeking help can enroll in our Anger Management program even if they are not mandated to receive services. Non-mandated patients are still required to pay the full cost of the program and any additional services administered. The same requirements for attendance and payment extend to non-mandated patients. Individuals with questions regarding the Anger Management program should call and ask to speak with our administrative staff.

Patients enrolled in our Anger Management program may also enroll for OP and IOP services.