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Addiction and mental health services are crucial resources for individuals who are struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders. These services provide support, treatment, and resources to help individuals overcome their challenges and improve their overall well-being. Greater Essex Counseling Services offers a variety of addiction and mental health services available to residents in Newark, NJ. These services range from outpatient counseling and therapy to treatment programs and support groups. Contact us today to learn more about our services or speak to our team.

Substance Abuse Programs in Newark, NJ

Substance abuse is a serious issue that affects many individuals in Newark, NJ. Outpatient programs (OP) and intensive outpatient programs (IOP) are two effective treatment options for individuals struggling with substance abuse.

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a comprehensive and flexible treatment option for individuals who have completed inpatient rehab and are committed to continuing their journey towards long-term sobriety. This program offers a structured yet balanced approach, allowing participants to address their substance abuse issues while still managing their daily responsibilities

Anger Management Programs in Newark, NJ

Anger Management is another important aspect of our services for individuals struggling in Newark, NJ. Anger issues often go hand in hand with addiction, as individuals may turn to substances as a way to cope with their emotions. Learning healthy ways to manage and express anger is essential for long-term recovery.

Individuals mandated to attend services related to Anger Management by a court or other legal entity can enroll in treatment with GECS and complete our program to satisfy the State of New Jersey mandate.

Group Sessions in Newark, NJ

Group sessions play a crucial role in these programs, as they provide a supportive environment for individuals to connect with others facing similar challenges. These sessions allow for shared experiences, emotional support, and the opportunity to learn from others. The frequency of group sessions depends on the individual’s needs, but typically ranges from once or twice a week.

Medication-Assisted Treatment in Newark, NJ

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is an evidence-based approach to help individuals in their journey toward recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. It combines the use of medication with counseling and behavioral therapies to address the physical and psychological aspects of addiction.

One of the key benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment is its ability to mitigate cravings. Addiction is often accompanied by powerful cravings that can sabotage an individual’s efforts to maintain abstinence. Approved medications can help to reduce these cravings, making it easier for individuals to resist the urge to use drugs or alcohol. By relieving intense cravings, MAT increases the chances of successful recovery.

At GECS, our medical team, under the supervision of the Medical Director, closely works with individuals to determine the most appropriate medication for their specific needs. They consider factors such as the substance of addiction, medical history, and individual preferences. Approved medications include substances such as methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone, which help to suppress cravings, block the effects of opioids, or induce mild withdrawal symptoms to deter substance use.

Call Now For Counseling or Substance Use Treatment in Newark

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use or requires counseling, Greater Essex Counseling Services in Newark, NJ, is here to help. With our treatment services and programs, we provide vital support to individuals seeking recovery.

Outpatient treatment is an effective option for those who do not require 24/7 supervision and can continue with their daily responsibilities while recovering from substance use. This approach allows individuals to receive essential treatment while still being part of their community.

Remember, reaching out for help is a courageous step towards reclaiming your life. Don’t hesitate to call Greater Essex Counseling Services today. We are dedicated to supporting you on your journey to lasting recovery.