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Signs You Need Substance Abuse Treatment

When you are using substances, you may feel hurt like your loved ones have withdrawn. Even if you feel like the same person, your behavior may be unrecognizable to them. That is because substance addiction can have a profound impact on your personality. Most of these changes are temporary, but long-term addiction can have long-term consequences.

Addiction Is a Change

One of the most important things to recognize is that addiction, itself, indicates a change in your brain chemistry. Anytime you have changes in the brain, you can anticipate changes in personality. The obsessive thoughts about using, how to get more of a substance, and hiding your use from people are all changes in your personality. While you may not notice them, the people around you probably will.


You may notice distraction before you notice any other changes. As you get deeper and deeper into addiction, you get more and more focused on obtaining substances that make it difficult to concentrate on other things. You may be distracted and can even forget important life events.


Most, but not all, people with addiction want to keep it secret from their family and probably some of their friends. You may avoid answering questions or providing details about your life.


One sign of addiction is that the addict minimizes their substance use. While a person struggling with addiction may not see that as dishonesty, it is. People may also find themselves willing to do anything to get money to pay for substances. That can mean lying and even stealing.


Not everyone who experiences addiction will be aggressive. However, many substances can make people feel more aggressive. Other substances may not increase aggression, but will relax people’s inhibitions around violence and aggression.


Substances can increase risk-taking behavior. The substance abuse, itself, is risky behavior. However, it can also lead to hanging out in dangerous places, with dangerous people. It can also lead to risky sexual behavior or doing things like sharing needles.

Get Help Today

Substance abuse can also lead to multiple other personality changes. If you are ready to feel like yourself again, contact us at Greater Essex Counseling. We are ready to help you get started on the road to sobriety.