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A Mindful Approach To New Year’s Resolutions

For whatever reason, lots of us simply choose the new year as an opportunity to resolve to do something this year that we might have wanted to do for the last five. We could choose to start a new resolution at any time, but maybe the new year is just convenient because everyone else is doing it. But lots of people seem to fail their New Year’s Resolutions. So, is there a better, more mindful approach to New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year’s Resolutions & Pitfalls

Mindfulness is the act of practicing presence. The past and future do not matter at that moment. For the moment you are in – the present – is always what you are experiencing. For as long as you live, the next moment is the present moment, momentarily. But by paying attention to the now we can shape our future better. But what does living in the present have to do with our resolutions to complete for the year?

Well let’s start with the qualities of New Year’s Resolutions – they are usually quantitative, goal-oriented, specific, and clearly defined. For example, people love to go to the gym at least three times a week for the first three months. They usually burn out in the first two weeks, though. And then they feel like they’ve failed their goal. Strictness can cause us to lose and give up.

New Year’s Intentions

Enter – New Year’s Intentions, which are based on your energy, progress, are qualitative, and have more nuance. By simply focusing on progress alone, it’s easy to see why New Year’s Intentions may be a better approach. If you don’t make it to the gym three times a week for three months, but your intention is to lift better and eat healthier for three months, then you didn’t fail! And by not failing and giving yourself some slack for being human, you might just work up the discipline and ability to reach the hard goals you want to achieve by focusing on the mindful goals behind them.

Is this the Year you Seek Counseling?

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