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Criminalizing Substance Abuse Is Inhumane

American society is very fond of substances. People drink coffee to wake up, sodas to be social, and alcohol to unwind. It is an expected and normalized part of everyday society. Even taking other drugs is normalized; TV commercials normalize both prescription and over-the-counter drugs to help treat a variety of different ailments. Better living through chemistry.

However, while we live in a society where using drugs and drinking is normalized, we also live in a society where developing a problem with substances is villainized. Instead of being treated like a health issue, substance abuse is treated like a moral issue. It is not just villainized, but criminalized. We waged a war on drugs and the casualties were our own people.

At Greater Essex Counseling Services, we don’t treat addicts. We treat people.

Substance abuse can be a horrific disease. It can lead people to do things they never thought they would do. It can lead to betrayals, heartbreaks, and degrading scenarios. It is very hard to remember to respect yourself when you are struggling with an addiction.

As mental health experts, we know that when someone is struggling, they need to be reminded of their worth and value as human beings. They need to understand that they deserve to be treated well in order to encourage them to treat themselves well. This is in direct opposition to the way that most of American society has decided to treat addictions and addiction.

Instead of punishing people for addictions and creating more roadblocks to recovery, we believe in supporting people in recovery. That means helping people detox and then creating programs that will help support someone in their sober journey.

Addiction is a disease like any other chronic illness. It requires quality medical care. It also requires honestly addressing the environmental factors that have contributed to the addiction. It is simplistic to say that if you can figure out why someone drinks or uses drugs, that person will be sober. It is not always that easy. However, by helping people determine why they turned to alcohol or drugs, we help get to the root of the issue.

We build on that by helping people learn healthy coping skills. Just like good food and exercise are critical to the treatment of physical ailments, healthy habits are critical to the treatment of addiction.

We see the person being obscured by the addiction. We help you find yourself, again. If you are struggling with substance abuse issues, contact Greater Essex Counseling Services for help.