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Mental Health In 2022

Concentration appears to be ever more elusive for those growing up and living in this digital age. Whether it’s a result of stress or behavioral issues, trouble concentrating can cause even more problems, causing you to spiral. But here are some common reasons you might be having trouble concentrating, so you can get back on track.

Too Much on Your Plate

The first reason is that you simply have too much to do. Maybe it’s a list of endless things, or maybe you’re doing multiple tasks at once. Regardless, having too much on your plate can cause concentration issues. Besides your brain being unable to keep track of the things that are causing concentration issues, the sheer amount of things can cause anxiety, make concentration worse, and make your performance worse day by day.


You might have trouble concentrating just because you might be tired. But fatigue is more than tired. It’s the kind of tiredness that hits you right when you wake up after spending all night sleeping. It is also different from depression but will feel similar. Your body is smart and knows when it needs more rest. Perhaps you aren’t getting enough and it’s causing more fatigue and problems concentrating. Consider what it would feel like, too. We have all woken up after a bad night of sleep and had trouble paying attention. When you stretch that out to the problem of fatigue, it’s only going to make matters worse for yourself. So get some rest.

Mental Health Problem

Another underlying issue that makes it hard to concentrate is a mental health issue. It could have been bothering you all your life, and you just did not realize it was undiagnosed. It might have developed recently and you have noticed it but don’t know what to do about it. The best thing to do is to seek a therapist in this case. Physical issues like fatigue may be relieved by your regular doctor, but a mental health issue requires a different tact. That’s where we can come in and help. At Greater Essex Counseling Services, we specialize in substance abuse, anger management, and more. We can help figure out what the true reason you are having trouble concentrating is, just call us at 973-623-7878.