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Our Facility Is Up And Running Both In Person And For Telehealth Services

Our Facility Is Up and Running Both in Person and for Telehealth Services

Medical professionals, family members, and people who struggle with mental health or substance abuse disorders are well aware that the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting people in ways that go beyond infectious diseases. The isolation and inability to access some types of healthcare have led to significant increases in some substance abuse related issues, such as a notable increase in drug overdoses in some communities. Being safe in a pandemic means more than avoiding spreading or contracting COVID-19; it also means taking care of physical, emotional, and mental health. Fortunately, Greater Essex is here for you. Our facility is up and running, and we are able to offer both in person substance abuse treatment and telehealth services for our clients.

Pre-Pandemic Problems

Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, it was clear that substance abuse problems were spiking in the United States. 2019 saw a record high for drug overdose deaths, with synthetic opioids like Fentanyl not only driving an increase in substance abuse problems, but in deaths from substance abuse. In fact, more than 1 in 6 death in the U.S. was attributable to a substance abuse issue.

Substance Abuse Exacerbated by the Pandemic

The problem only got worse under the pandemic. COVID-19 has been linked to an increase in both illicit drug use and drug mortality, not to mention the development of substance abuse issues in people who had not personally experienced them. For example, drug overdoses increased by more than 10% nationwide in the first four months of the pandemic and as much as 25% in some locations.

Substance Abuse Problems Will Not Disappear with COVID-19

Even if vaccines and herd immunity are able to make COVID-19 disappear, a question that is still not resolved by the available science, people are going to be left with the substance abuse issues that the pandemic helped create. They are not going to go away, even as the world slowly resumes “normal” life.

Get Help Now!

Don’t wait until the pandemic is over to seek help for your substance abuse issues. Even if you are nervous about seeking in-patient treatment, telehealth can dramatically improve your chances of becoming sober safely and staying sober. For those comfortable seeking in-person treatment, we are safely seeing clients in our facility. So much about COVID-19 and its impact has been out of our control, but you can take control of your health and sobriety, today. We can help.