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Person During Therapy Treatment

How successful will your counselor be? It is difficult to answer that question without knowing how willing you are to commit to therapy. Your commitment to treatment helps determine the success of your therapy.

When people think of therapy, they think of the sessions between the client and the therapist. However, treatment goes beyond those sessions. It involves applying what you learn in those sessions to your real life. That is where the real meat of therapy occurs, applying theoretical lessons to real-life situations.

One of the most essential components of therapy is accountability. As a client, you must be committed to the process and willing to take accountability if you resist change. It can be challenging to commit to the change because it can feel like an overwhelming responsibility. That is why it is important to remember that your mental health struggles are not your health but your responsibility. One of the counselor’s jobs is to help you balance taking responsibility and taking blame.

Being invested in therapy means that you have to take ownership of the treatment process.

You are physically present for therapy- you arrive on time and stay until your session ends.

You are mentally present for therapy- you pay attention and engage with the therapist during the process.

You are open-minded and willing to investigate issues you can resolve to live a happier and healthier life.

You are ready to fix issues that need to be fixed. You also understand that life means continuous improvement.

You are prepared to recognize your accomplishments, wins, and progress. Even if you experience a loss, you are willing to learn from the loss.

You are willing to take a leadership role in sessions because your therapist’s job is to help you meet your goals.

Being accountable in therapy is simultaneously simple and complex. You have to show up and be willing to make the change. However, change can be very frightening. The right therapist for you will help you navigate your fear around the process while holding you accountable for implementing those changes in your daily life. Contact us for more information and to see if one of our therapists is the right fit for you.