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Finding The Right Therapist For You

Therapy is a highly personal process. So, it should come as no surprise that only some therapists work for some patients. Here are some steps for finding the therapist that is right for you.

The first step is to consider what you want from therapy. Are you experiencing particular challenges? Are you recovering from a traumatic incident? Do you need help in a relationship? Understanding what you want from treatment can help you choose the right type of therapy.

Are you working with other health professionals? Mental health issues impact other aspects of your health. If your primary care physician or psychiatrist has prescribed medications, they may want to work with your therapist. Asking them for recommendations can help you find a therapist that is right for you.

Also, ask your friends and family. They can give you ideas about who has been helpful to them. They also know you, so they can provide insight into a therapist who can help you. This is especially true if you have friend groups that share some of the same problems or issues that you have. If they have someone who has been able to help them meet a challenge, that person may also be able to help you.

If you do not personally know anyone who has had struggles similar to yours, reach out online. You can go onto forums to ask for suggestions. You can also look at the reviews people have left for therapists and see if they have been helpful to people in the same situation.

Lastly, how do you intend to pay for therapy? Most health insurance will cover some mental health services. If you need insurance assistance to pay for treatment, you want to check with your insurance company to find a list of potential providers. You can select your therapist from that list.

Finally, keep in mind that therapy can be a challenging process. There may be times during therapy that you do not like your therapist. That is because therapy can mean confronting complex issues and breaking ingrained patterns. However, if you have built a strong relationship with the therapist who is right for you, you will have a foundation of trust to help you through even the most difficult parts of therapy.

Ready to get started on your mental health journey? Contact us. We have well-respected therapists who are an excellent match for many patients. If none of our therapists are an ideal match, we can provide you with additional recommendations and resources for finding the right therapist.