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Guiding You Through Addiction Recovery

Addiction can make liars out of even the very best people. People struggling with substance abuse can get to a point where they will do anything to get a fix. For some folks, this may mean telling what they view as harmless lies to friends and families; for others, it escalates all the way into stealing from the people that they love. It breaks trust and destroys the very relationships you need to help you recover from substance abuse.

Re-establishing that trust is a process, and it can take years. In the meantime, what can you do to help friends, family members, counselors, employers, or others believe that you are committed to sobriety? Provide proof of that sobriety through monitored drug screens.

Monitored Drug Screenings

Monitored drug screenings are just what the name suggests. They are drug screenings that search for the presence of drugs, usually in urine. They are monitored to ensure that you are using your own urine sample. They provide fewer opportunities for trickery and offer a greater confidence level to people who want to see that you are not using.

Why Are They Important?

Monitored drug screenings are not part of substance abuse treatment for everyone, but they can help certain patients in certain situations.

Shame and stigma are part of substance abuse. To avoid feeling this, people often lie about what they are using. Monitored drug screenings can be helpful in the early stages of a treatment program because they tell the truth. There is also some evidence that because lying about use becomes impossible, you may be more likely to resist slipping if you have monitored drug screenings.

Friends and family members may be asked to provide various types of support while you are in recovery. Whether that means financial support from parents, a friend watching your kids while you get help, or a boss trying to keep a job open for you- they are taking a risk on you. If you are like other people who have struggled with substance abuse, the chances are good that this isn’t the first time someone has needed to take that kind of risk for you. They may need proof that you are sober to continue putting themselves on the line. It can be a very difficult situation for everyone involved. Monitored drug screenings provide a way to demonstrate sobriety.