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Substance Abuse Recovery And Holisitc Therapy Through Yoga

Holistic therapy is a new, evolving kind of treatment. It works in tandem with the usual kind of addiction treatment methods such as individual therapy, group therapy, and medication. But holistic therapy provides more and varied kinds of approaches. Holistic therapy can take the form of art therapy, adventure therapy, yoga, and more.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is an emerging form of holistic treatment to help treat drug addiction. With art therapy, you will get a proper opportunity to explore your creative side. You may get to paint, sculpt, draw, and more as a way to work through difficult emotions. While we often think of painting and drawing as typical kinds of art, other art forms such as writing, poetry, and possibly theater are not out of the question for you to work on yourself.


Yoga, especially yoga with meditation, has been an age-old way of calming and soothing your body. Yoga has been shown to reduce anxiety and calmly let you work through difficult emotions. Yoga, as an exercise, helps you stretch and strengthen your body, which in turn can elevate your mood. Breathing exercises themselves are also shown to enhance your mood, and even help you think through any inner thoughts.


Exercise is a great weapon to fight against various kinds of mental health issues. Some may even be able to replace a drug addiction with a (healthy) addiction to exercising. Spending an hour, two, or even three hours moving your body and purposefully lifting, running, swimming, hiking, etc. will boost your mood. General exercise is directly related to the chemicals in your brain that make you feel good, which is one way it helps serve as a relapse prevention tool. Additionally, the structure that exercise beckons you to maintain can be essential in the early days of your recovery, or even deep into the process.

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