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Staying Sober When Warm Weather Is Approaching

MAT, also known as Medication Assisted Treatment, is a type of treatment to make drug addiction recovery easier. MAT combines the benefits of both medication and behavioral therapy to provide a more effective route to recovery than one of either remediation techniques alone. It’s a great way to reduce withdrawal symptoms, improve recovery chances, and reduce drug cravings.

Benefits of MAT

MAT naturally has a few benefits, as it combines two beneficial recovery techniques to work in tandem with each other. The first and clearest benefit is that MAT reduces withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal is commonly one of the biggest challenges of quitting drugs or alcohol. Patients may always be worried they will relapse and their bodies will suffer the terrible effects of cutting themselves off from their addiction. But MAT makes it easier to stay on track and also makes succeeding easier.

MAT has a proven track record of improving mental health, especially since behavioral therapy is a huge portion of it. Therapy helps MAT patients continue their recovery much longer, and makes it easier to stay sober.

How Healthcare Providers work with MAT

Healthcare providers are crucial in the success of any MAT. They must appropriately assess the severity of the addiction and propose the best course of treatment. Healthcare providers play an important role in managing medication for their patients, too. Medication is one half of what makes MAT successful, so it’s important that they provide the best management possible.

MAT & Therapy

The breakthrough of MAT is its combination with therapy. Drug addiction is often as much in the head as it is in the body. Sometimes even more so. That’s why therapy is not only important, but perfect for drug addiction. Therapy can help reach the root cause of addiction and make medication more effective. After all, finding the source of your addiction, and changing it or stopping it is a breakthrough for the afflicted person. At Greater Essex Counseling Services, we specialize in substance abuse therapy, so if you’re looking for an important half of MAT feel free to call us at 973-623-7878.