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Addiction is a multi-faceted disease requiring individually tailored treatment programs. At Greater Essex Counseling Services, we know just how devastating the effects of substance-abuse can be. Our experienced staff is dedicated to working with clients to support them as they embark on the road to recovery. Our team at Greater Essex believes addiction can only be treated on a case-by-case basis and works individually with clients to develop goals and objectives that will be the basis for their treatment plan. Our team will help clients decide which program is best suited to their needs after assessing the scheduling flexibility the client requires, the severity of the addiction, and the condition of client mental health.

As one can assume, there are notable differences between IOP and OP programs for substance-abuse treatment services. What one may not assume, is how minor these treatment differences are. At Greater Essex Counseling Services, we are proud to offer a flexible, holistically integrated approach to treatment in both IOP and OP programs.

Patients who take part in the traditional OP program attend up to eight hours per week of treatment services, while IOP patients attend up to 18 hours per week. Different therapies may also be used in IOP programs due to increased addiction severity.

While both treatment options could potentially last several months, it would be fair to iop vs op predict intensive outpatients may be on the road to sobriety sooner than traditional outpatients. However, personal motivation plays a huge role in both outpatient programs given the flexibility and less- intensive care than seen in a residential treatment program.

Patients enrolled in our substance-abuse program, may it be OP or IOP attend group counseling sessions, weekly individual sessions, and undergo monitoring during collection of random urine samples for lab testing. Patients in either program are both given the opportunity to attend anger management sessions run during the week.

Both treatment programs are thoughtfully created and implemented to provide all the tools patients need to get on the path to recovery and see the world in a new way.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, and you think IOP or OP programs are the right fit, let Greater Essex help. Our team will equip you with all the information you need to get started on the road to recovery. Call or Email us today for more information about how we can help.