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May Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The theme of 2022’s mental health awareness month is “Together for Mental Health.” At the National Alliance on Mental Health, we believe that anyone impacted by mental health is entitled to the appropriate care and can enjoy a full quality of life.

One of the biggest problems facing people with mental illness is stigma. For a long time, people have kept mental illness a secret. It has been tinged with shame, which has kept people from getting access to appropriate care. This shame has also led to people being cut off from friends, family, and community support.

The reality is that millions of people live with mental health conditions. Getting adequate care for a mental health condition can improve quality of life. In fact, improving mental health often results in improvements in physical health. However, that is a rarity in the United States. Many people wait years before getting help for a mental health issue. This increases the risk of complications from mental illness, including death by suicide.

Understanding the facts about mental illness can improve outcomes. Mental illness is not the result of weakness, a character flaw, or a bad family life. Anyone can develop a mental illness. It is important to view people with mental illness as individuals who have an illness instead of assuming that the illness fully describes the person.

Getting rid of stigma will require changing the dialogue around mental health. Instead of dismissing sick people as crazy or evil, we have to focus on the impact of the disease and how to lesson those effects. Treating mental illness like any other disease is one of the first steps to challenging the stigma. At Greater Essex, we take a medical approach to treatment that focuses on all of the factors that can influence an individual’s experience of mental disorder.

We also understand that like many diseases, mental illness can impact an entire family. That is why our treatment programs are comprehensive. We provide a full range of mental health services that include counseling, medication, and behavior health angles.

This mental health awareness month, Greater Essex invites you to contact us about any concerns you have about mental health. We can help you evaluate whether your concerns indicate a potential mental illness and help you establish a treatment plan. Do not let stigma keep you from getting the help that you deserve.