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Back To Work With Post Vacation Depression

Post-Vacation Depression and How To Deal With It.

People love vacation. The promise of relaxation, rest, and a break from the troubles of your daily life seems irresistible. However, many people come home from depression with an unexpected souvenir: some post vacation sadness that can lead to depression.

If you are feeling sad after vacation, you are not alone. Post-vacation depression is common. Understanding why you get the blues after a vacation can help you avoid the feeling and reap all of the benefits of a vacation.

You do not want to skip vacations. Overall, taking paid vacation days is associated with a positive impact on your mental health. At least during the vacation, you experience a reduction in stress. However, those feelings of well-being are considered of short-duration, with people returning to baseline shortly after the vacation ends. Despite this return to baseline, the break from stress still seems to have a positive impact on overall health.

How can you keep the post-vacation blues away?

Do not leave your home a mess. Getting ready for a trip can turn your house into a mess. Clean up as you pack, and go beyond that. Spend some time cleaning the house, so that your only chore when you get home is unpacking and doing your vacation laundry. If you do not have time to clean, consider hiring a housekeeper to visit while you are gone.

Plan your vacation thoughtfully. Instead of jam-packing your vacation with non-stop activity, schedule in downtime. People report that vacations are more relaxing when they have scheduled downtime.

Give yourself time. Instead of returning the day before you return to work, give yourself at least a day to transition from vacation to work. This lets you get back to normal, run any errands you may have, without putting time-pressure on you.

Make post-vacation plans. One of the best things about vacation is that we plan down-time. So, make some plans for something you enjoy. Because we often overspend on vacations, make it something affordable.

Go through vacation memories. Take pictures, keep a travel journal, or scrapbook your vacation. The memories will help extend the good times.

How do you get rid of vacation blues?

If you already have the vacation blues, you can take some steps to turn that around.

Reach out to family and friends to recenter yourself around your loved ones.

Drink plenty of water.

Cut down on alcohol and rich foods.

Use melatonin or non-addictive sleep aids to help with symptoms of jet lag.

What if the vacation blues do not go away?

Occasionally vacation blues will turn into something more serious. If you suspect you may have depression, seek help as soon as possible. If it is depression, the sooner you get help, the better. At Greater Essex, we can help.