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Mental Health Vacation

What To Do If You Need a Mental Health Vacation

Need a vacation? Even when you cannot get away, it is possible to take a break from your everyday life. Whether you call it a staycation, a mini-vacation, or just a forced break, these mental health vacations can be just what you need to relax and refresh.

Take Time Off

We understand wanting to save PTO for when you can travel. However, taking just a couple of days off can help you enjoy your down time. Spend one day handling your normal chores, then spend the rest of the time relaxing. Even a couple of days away from work can help you refresh and recharge. Unable to get time away from work? Spend one of your days off handling all of your chores, so you can get a day of total relaxation.


We are constantly available to everyone because of our cellphones. However, the world will continue to spin even if people cannot get in touch with you. Let people know you will be unavailable and turn off the phone. Skip the computer. If world events are stressing you, do not turn on the TV.

Plan an Adventure

Chances are that there is something really cool to do in your hometown that you have never tried. Make plans to check it out. One of the best things about a vacation is having new experiences. So, check out nearby things, try a new restaurant, and have an adventure.

Focus on You

What do you want to do? Some people want to spend time on hobbies. Other people like to relax with a good book. What is your idea of a good time? Schedule time to enjoy it.

Have a Treat

On vacations, we often leave our inhibitions behind. So, have a delicious cocktail, order dessert, have a fancy dinner. You do not have to spend a bunch of money to give yourself a special treat and make it feel like vacation.

Spoil Yourself

Another thing we do on vacation is spoil ourselves. We might splurge on a nice hotel, get a massage, or have a spa day. There is no reason you cannot do those things from home. If you are having a staycation, consider boarding your pets for a night so you can sleep in the next day, scheduling a massage, or stocking the house with your favorite groceries.

Taking a mental health vacation is one way to help you manage stress. It gives you a break from work and is a way for you to slow down. If you have the time off work available, we recommend you indulge yourself from time to time.