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Factors To Consider When Choosing An Out-patient Treatment Facility

Congratulations for taking a first step towards sobriety by looking for a treatment facility. You may think all treatment facilities are the same, but your choice of outpatient treatment facility can make a difference in whether you get sober and whether you learn the skills you need to stay sober.

Where Is It Located?

Back in the day, finding a drug or alcohol treatment center was more difficult because there just were not very many of them. People often had to travel to different cities or even different states to find the right program for them. Nowadays, treatment centers are a lot easier to find, so you probably want to stay local. This lets you continue with your normal activities, while still getting treatment. But what if your normal activities are the problem? Do not choose a location that takes you by places that will trigger you to want to use, even if that means choosing a faraway location.

Look at the Programs

Addiction rarely occurs on its own. Many people are also dealing with additional issues that have led to their struggles with substance abuse, and you want a treatment program that will deal with those as well. Even if you do not think that there are other issues involved, make sure and choose a program that can help you get treatment for any issues you discover during your outpatient program.

Family Support

Addiction is an issue that impacts more than just the addict. Does your treatment program have programs for family, friends, and loved ones? These programs can be invaluable in helping ensure that you have the support you need to stay sober after treatment. They can also be a stepping-stone to more intensive relationship work, such as relationship therapy, that you may want to pursue once you are sober.

Is It Affordable?

At some point in time, the question about treatment is not whether you can afford it, but whether you can afford not to go into treatment. It can be the best money you have ever spent. That said, financial troubles are a big trigger for using, so if you can avoid them while getting sober, then you want to do so. Does the treatment program take your insurance? If not, will they work with your insurer or provide payment plans so that you can access treatment?

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