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Signs You Need Substance Abuse Treatment

If you are looking for signs of when you need substance abuse treatment, then you probably already recognize that you have a problem. Wondering if you need help is often one of the signs that you need help. Here are some things to consider if you are trying to decide whether or not to seek treatment.

Have you tried to quit?

One of the signs of a substance abuse problem for which you need help is that you have tried to quit using but failed. Have you made efforts to quit using? Were you successful? If so, how long were you able to remain sober?

How much of your day is spent on the substance?

What portion of your day do you spend using, trying to obtain, or thinking about the substances you are using? If it is enough of your day that it disrupts or interrupts other activities, that may signal a problem.


Do you find that you need more and more of the same substance to get the same feeling? Are you using more frequently? Tolerance, when you need more of the same substance to get that high feeling or the mellow feeling from drinking, is a major sign of addiction


If you try to quit or cannot use, do you experience physical withdrawal symptoms that are severe enough to make you fear not using? This may be the biggest sign that you need treatment for your addiction. Withdrawal from certain substances can present serious health risks and you might need to be medically supervised to safely quit.

Is it impacting your relationships?

Is your drug or alcohol usage having a negative impact on your relationships? From fighting about how much you use to breaking commitments to having an impaired ability to be intimate, substance abuse can do a number on your relationships.

Do you primarily hang out with other users?

If you are wondering if you have a problem, but everyone around you says you are okay, think about who is around you. Substance abusers often hang out with other substance abusers. Do you honestly feel like your friends would tell you if you had a problem? Do you suspect that your friends’ substance use may be problematic?

Can you afford your habit?

Are you spending more money on alcohol or drugs than you can afford? Have you lied to people to get money for your substances? Have you stolen or even considered stealing from people to pay for your drugs or alcohol?

Get help, now.

If you think you need help with your addiction issues, then you probably do. Contact Greater Essex today and get started down the pathway to a better life.