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Greater Essex NJ Anger Management Counseling Services

Has 2020 left you feeling like a tiny ship struggling out at sea in a dangerous storm? If so, you are not alone. 2020 has presented people with so many challenges that many people are struggling with their mental health. You do not need to struggle alone. At Greater Essex Counseling Service, we have professionals who can help you navigate the stormy seas of 2020 and beyond.

Do You Need Therapy?

One of the most common questions we get from potential patients is “do I need therapy?”, which is normally viewed with a negative connotation when it should not. Therapy is designed to give you a place to determine the best way to help you achieve your goals, with the help of someone who has no interest in the outcome. Some people mistakenly believe that talking to a therapist is the same as talking to a friend, but in most friendships your decisions will have some impact on that friend. This means that it can be hard for good friends to get the distance or perspective to help you tackle challenging issues. A therapist’s job is to provide that distance and perspective, while they help you navigate life’s challenges.

What Type of Therapist Is Best?

The one that works for you. We know this answer sounds sarcastic, but it is the best answer we can give. When talking about mental health, there are so many professionals that can provide counseling services from clergy to psychiatrists and everything in between. The right person to help you depends on what type of challenge you are facing. At Greater Essex Counseling Service, our team is composed of credentialed mental health professionals. We can help you choose the best-suited professional as part of our intake process.

The Counseling Service Right For You

Some mental health professionals specialize in certain areas, so determining the right person to help you may require figuring out if you need a generalist or a specialist. At Greater Essex, we understand that people come into therapy with different goals. At intake, we match your goals with your mental health professional. This means that if you come to us wanting help with a specific issue, such as an eating disorder, a specialist may be the right professional to help you. However, because we believe in treating the whole patient, our team can always make changes to your treatment plan if you decide to explore other issues.