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My Choice To Be Greater.

To whom it may concern:  I Aesha C., Alumni of Greater Essex Counseling Services is very confident that I can provide knowledge past and future that would help people that didn’t reach the level I’m at and for the people that it is their first time in the program.  I can share a lot because I experienced a lot.

Greater Essex taught me to love yourself first then accomplish whatever.  Even if it’s just a conversation.

I want to be a part of Greater Essex Counseling Alumni Group because I love that you guys really help and show concern and sometimes that’s all people need.  So I want to share my greatness with whomever I can reach because look at me!  I have changed for the greater so I want other people to know that Greater Essex Counseling is the place to be if you want greater.  And the best thing about it, you can be yourself and learn yourself.